NDOUtils 2.1.0 has been released and can be downloaded from the downloads page. Key features and fixes included in this release include:


  • Fix for ndo2db not responding & filling up the queue
  • Speed up starting core/XI when using ndomod by doing multiple simultaneous database updates on startup
  • Added option to specify alternative mysql TCP port on installdb script
  • State History now using actual plugin long_output
  • Cross-platform changes so NDOutils will build and install cleanly on other platforms, including *BSD, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, OS/X
  • Show six digits when printing microsecond values
  • Made the MySQL socket path a configurable option

Important Note: Anyone upgrading Core must also upgrade NDOutils to 2.1.0 if they are running it.

For more information regarding everything contained in this release, you may view the changelog.

Thanks to all of the community members who reported bugs, contributed patches, and helped in testing the new release.

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