Nagios Plugins

Monitor just about anything that runs on electricity. 

The Official Nagios Plugins Package

The official Nagios Plugins package contains over 50 plugins to get you started monitoring all the basics. There are nearly 4,000 additional plugins that allow you to monitor most everything you’ll find in your IT infrastructure. Looking to do even more? Optionally enhance your Core install with community-developed frontends or trick out your Core install with hundreds of additional Nagios projects that extend Core’s functionality.

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Migrate To Nagios XI


Get Nagios XI, our fully supported solution for monitoring, alerting, graphing and reporting. Migrating Core data is easier than ever!

Community Plugins

There are over 4,000 third-party plugins that have been developed by hundreds of Nagios community members that allow you to monitor just about anything that runs on electricity.

Information on Nagios Plugins can be found below