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    Wondering what Nagios is all about? Learn more about various Nagios projects below.

    What is Nagios?

Nagios Core

The Open Source monitoring engine that started a revolution in Open Source IT management. Lightweight, with a focused scope, and multiple APIs for extending core functionality.

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Nagios Plugins

Efficient, standalone extensions that provide low-level intelligence for monitoring anything and everything with Nagios Core.

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Nagios Frontends

Web interfaces, themes, Windows and Linux interfaces, and mobile apps for Nagios. Change the look and style of Nagios to suite your needs.

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Nagios Configuration Tools

Tools and GUIs for simplifying Nagios Core configuration.

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More Nagios Projects

The Nagios Community has no equal. There are thousands of community projects that have been built for and around Nagios Core. Many of these projects are hosted on the Nagios Exchange.

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