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Nagios Core provides the central monitoring engine and a web interface for viewing current status, historical logs, and basic reports.


Nagios Core

Latest Version 4 Releases

Version Date Notes Type Link
4.4.13 2023-06-01 Latest stable release Source code nagios-4.4.13.tar.gz
4.3.4 2017-08-24 Previous stable release Source code nagios-4.3.4.tar.gz

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Latest Version 3 Releases

Version Date Notes Type Link
3.5.1 2013-08-30 Latest stable release Source code nagios-3.5.1.tar.gz

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Nagios Frontends

Did you know? There are a variety of Nagios projects that provide frontends that can enhance your Nagios experience.


See some Nagios frontend projects


Packaged Nagios Distributions

Looking for an easier way to get started with Nagios? Try one of the packaged distributions below.

Nagios XI

Nagios XI

Nagios XI is an enterprise-class monitoring and alerting solution built on Nagios Core and other proven OSS components. Features include a PHP web interface, integrated performance graphing, customizable dashboards, web configuration GUI, configuration wizards, user management, and more. Learn more


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Step 2: Plugins

You’ll need to download plugins in order to monitor services, applications, hardware, and networks with Nagios. Continue to the plugin downloads page

Step 3: Frontends

Optionally enhance your Nagios install with community-developed frontends. Continue to the frontends page

Step 4: Addon Projects

Trick out your Nagios install with hundreds of additional Nagios projects that extend core functionality. Continue to the addon projects downloads page