Nagios Frontends

Explore the variety of capable and beautiful open-source frontends that have been developed by the Nagios Community. 


These frontends below aren’t required for a Nagios install, as Nagios Core includes a CGI web interface, but they do offer some nice options to enhance your Nagios experience.


Themes and skins that change the look and feel of the Nagios Core CGIs.   
See more themes at Nagios Exchange.

Web Interfaces

Alternative web interfaces: Nagios frontends and UI that complement or replacethe Nagios Core CGIs.
See more web interfaces at Nagios Exchange.

Mobile Interfaces

Mobile interfaces for Nagios UI that support iPhones, Android phones, and more.
See more mobile interfaces at Nagios Exchange.

More Frontends! Nagios UI's!

The Nagios Community has developed a variety of other frontends for Nagios Core.

Next Steps

Trick out your Nagios install with hundreds of additional Nagios projects that extend Core’s functionality. Continue to the add-on projects downloads page.

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