Nagios Update: XI 5.6.6

Nagios Update XI 5.6.6

Nagios XI update 5.6.6 is now released! This update resolves a number of minor bugs and one security vulnerability fix. This version also includes improvements to the Managed Service Provider (MSP) status pages for users with MSP licensing. Additionally, a new report focused on MSP host/service usage is now available! This report along with the […]

Nagios Update: XI 5.6.5

Naigos update XI 5.6.5

Nagios XI update 5.6.5 was released to improve passive checks coming in through the Nagios Remote Data Processor (NRDP).  For versions prior to Nagios XI 5, the nagiosxi-deps has been updated to install properly.  We are releasing this minimal update because of the importance each fix has on the functionality of Nagios XI. For a […]

Nagios Update: XI 5.6.4

Nagios Update XI 5.6.4

A new maintenance release for Nagios XI is now available! Update 5.6.4 improves the Metrics component as well as a new release of the Nagios Remote Data Processor (NRDP). To address some permission errors, a lock file used for applying configurations has been moved to the “var” directory instead of “scripts”. Uncommon SQL errors have […]

When Monitoring Gets Cool

When Montioring Gets Cool

We wanted to share an internal story from our corporate headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Problem: After a specially catered lunch, one of our break room refrigerators was left slightly open due to the abundance of leftovers.  This room temperature discovery was unfortunately not made until the next business day. An e-mail was sent […]

Preparing For Long Holiday Weekends

Preparing for Long Holiday Weekends

This year the Fourth of July is on a Thursday which means many in the United States have an extended holiday weekend. Generally speaking, this time of year involves unplugging for a while to enjoy all of the amazing outdoor activities nature has to offer. System administrators and network engineers sometimes face the burden of […]

Nagios Update: XI 5.6.3

Nagios Update XI 5.6.3

Today we released Nagios XI 5.6.3 which includes a number of updates related to security and permissions.  The PHPMailer library has been updated to 5.2.27 to address a number of notable security improvements.  We have also corrected a function inside the PHPMailer where AutoTLS was enabled by default. Other improvements include updates to the Schedule […]

Nagios XI 5.6.2 Release

NagiosXI5.6.2 Release

Today we released Nagios XI update 5.6.2 which improves a few features.  The new Inbound E-Mail Processor now correctly handles HTML based messages. We also resolved an error message in the cleaner.log when using the Inbound E-Mail Processor. The Manage MIBs page has been optimized for Debian and Ubuntu users along with the SNMP Trap […]

Log Server 2.0.8 Release

LogServer2.0.8 Release

We recently released an update for Nagios Log Server that improves messaging in e-mail templates when no log lines match the alerting query.  Additional updates include a fix for session IDs not re-initializing when logging in, and we also included an improvement to the TCP logstash. To see the full list of Log Server improvements, […]

Nagios Update: XI 5.6.1

xi5.6.1 jpg

Today we released update 5.6.1 for Nagios XI which addresses a few fixes related to the event handler cron job and notifications. For users who have upgraded their PHP versions and are receiving an error while performing updates, a fix has been added that addresses the lack of an installed package which was ultimately causing […]

Nagios Core Selected as SourceForge “Project of the Week”

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Nagios proudly acknowledges the SourceForge Community Team for naming Nagios Core as a featured “Project of the Week” for December 19, 2016. SourceForge Blog Excerpt: SourceForge’s Featured Project of the week for December 19, 2016: Nagios Core Nagios network monitoring software is a powerful, enterprise-class host, server, application, and network monitoring tools. Designed to be […]