Nagios Core 4.1.0 Has Been Released

Nagios Core 4.1.0 has been released and is now available for download.

The three graphical displays (Status Map, Histogram, and Trends) have been completely rewritten, using the D3 visualization library giving them a modern look and now use the UTF-8 character set for better international support.

The Status Map and Trends can be panned and zoomed using the mouse and mouse wheel or track pad gestures.

The Status Map can also collapse sub-trees by clicking on a parent node. But if you prefer the old displays, they will be available (for a while) by clicking the “Legacy” link.

Please be aware that these new displays currently do not correctly display hosts or services that have multiple parents. You may want to use the legacy links if you have any of those.

Service checks can now be disabled for down hosts.

Acknowledgements and comments can have their default “sticky” status set in cgi.cfg.

Additionally, there were a lot of bug and usability fixes, a couple of fixes for Firefox, fixes to a couple of problems that caused the Nagios process to crash, a minor possible XSS security fix, and improvements for Solaris builds.

The complete list of enhancements and fixes is available in the Changelog.

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