Nagios Core 4.0.2 has been released and can be downloaded from the downloads page. This release contains numerous bug fixes including:

  • Modified log-rotation configuration
  • Resolved security vulnerabilities
  • Fixed various scheduled downtime issues
  • Updated Core Worker processes
  • Fixed various spec file permissions

For more information regarding everything contained in this release, view the Changelog here.

Thanks to following community members who reported bugs, contributed patches, and helped in testing the new release: Jim van Wel, ccztux, Stefano Ghelfi, Eric Stewart, Ovidiu Stanila, Florin Andrei, Karsten Weiss, loood, Rob Moser, Vladimir Bilik, Jeff Chung, Adam James, tolm, John Moody, Steve Gregory, Radoslaw Rudnicki, Victor Gil, Dave Pascoe, Stephen Kent, Christophe (chrislyon), Tomas Edwardsson, Cameron Moore

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