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Nagios Core

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Nagios Monitoring Software Editions

We've made Nagios easier than ever by packaging it into different editions that come bundled with additional features, support and training.

Core DIY Source
Core Student VM
$ 50
Core Pro VM
$ 250
$ 1295+
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Complete Infrastructure Monitoring Y Y Y Y
Hundreds of Free Addons Y Y Y Y
Open Source Monitoring Engine Y Y Y Y
Forum Support Y Y Y Y
Pre-Configured Virtual Machine   Y Y Y
Quickstart Guides   Y Y Y
Web Configuration UI (CCM)   Y Y Y
Performance Graphing (PNP)   Y Y Y
SNMP Trap Support (NSTI)     Y Y
Mobile App (Nagios Mobile)     Y Y
Business Process Monitoring     Y Y
Custom Maps (Nagvis)     Y Y
Database Backend       Y
Integrated UI       Y
Dashboards       Y
User-Specific Customization       Y
Configuration Wizards       Y
Scheduled Reporting       Y
Capacity Planning       Y
Executive Reports       Y
Bulk Management       Y
Configuration Rollback       Y
Audit Logging       Y
Email and Phone Support       Y

NOTE: Nagios Core Student and Professional editions are available exclusively as pre-configured CentOS 6 (32 and 64-bit) virtual machines. Optional email and phone support plans are available for all editions.