• Meet the Nagios Team!

Nagios is backed by a community of over a million people across the globe. Community members worldwide contribute to Nagios projects through a variety of ways, including development, advocacy, training, support, documentation, and translation.

The Nagios Team is comprised of individuals that work in a variety of ways to develop, promote, and support Nagios projects.

Nagios Team Members

Ethan Galstad (“Father of Nagios”)
Founder, Architect and Committer


Mary Starr
Community outreach and advocacy


Mike Okeefe
Social media, Community advocacy


Ludmil Miltchev
Support, Testing, and Documentation


Nicholas Scott


Jake Omann


Luke Groschen


Eric Stanley


Shamas Demoret
Marketing and Social Media


Scott Wilkerson


Katie Montour
Sales, Fulfillment


Andy Brist
Support, Testing, and Documentation


Trevor McDonald
Support, Testing, and Documentation


Additional Contributors

There are hundreds of additional Nagios contributors worldwide that participate in various ways, including the development of Nagios projects which are listed on the Nagios Exchange site.