Nagios Core 4.2.0 Released

Nagios Core 4.2.0 has been released and can be downloaded from the downloads page. Key features and fixes included in this release include:

Three security fixes: CVE-2008-4796, CVE-2013-4214 and a Cross-Site Request Forgery attack vulnerability.

Important Note: Anyone upgrading Core must also upgrade NDOutils to 2.1 if they are running it.


  • Increase socket queue length to avoid missing any connections
  • Added the host name to the website page title
  • The new Status Map will now use cgi.cfg options
  • The default_statusmap_layout will default to “6” for the new map
  • The new Status Map will now show some valid values in the popup for “Nagios Process”


  • Network Outage will now work for people who don’t have access to all hosts
  • Fixed a problem that caused workers to loop
  • Fixed how HTML output from plugins gets handled
  • Fix for Command worker failing to handle SIGPIPE
  • Fix for some “Core Worker seems to be choked” conditions
  • Fixed a CPU load problem during polling on FreeBSD
  • Fixed a CPU load problem with workers
  • Flexible downtime no longer reported as “unscheduled”
  • Setting “flap_detention_enabled” to 0 (zero) will now remove flapping state
  • Several fixes to the new maps
  • Better handling of UTF-8 characters in plugin output
  • Reports were not handling custom time periods with special characters
  • A couple of fixes to the init script
  • Fixes to the JSON output
  • State history now uses plugin long output

For more information regarding everything contained in this release, you may view the changelog.

Thanks to all of the community members who reported bugs, contributed patches, and helped in testing the new release.

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