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Nagios Community

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About the Nagios Community

The Nagios Community is a vibrant, worldwide ecosystem of individuals and companies that have organized themselves around a focus on Nagios. There are an estimated 1 million+ Nagios users worldwide.

Nagios Community members contribute to Nagios in many different ways.

Nagios has been downloaded millions of times and has become the industry-standard solution for monitoring networks, systems, and applications. The Nagios Community has played a central role in Nagios' growth through word-of-mouth advocacy, project development, and support.

Community Projects

Nagios Exchange There are thousands of Nagios projects developed by the community that extend Nagios by providing enhanced:

  • Scalability and performance
  • Reporting
  • Visualization
  • Service and application integration
  • Notifications

Find thousands of community-developed Nagios projects at Nagios Exchange.

Meet The Community

Get to know the Nagios Community by watching and reading interviews that are part of the "Meet The Community" series.