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What's New With Nagios - Recent And Upcoming Developments

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Want to know what's new with Nagios? This is the place to find information on some recent developments and events that are happening in the near future.

Note that the things mentioned here are just a small sampling of what's new in the Nagios world. For information on other recent developments, make sure to check out the new and updated Nagios projects on Nagios Exchange.

Nagios V-Shell

Nagios V-Shell is a new Open Source PHP GUI for Nagios Core originally funded and developed by Nagios Enterprises. V-Shell is designed to be a lightweight, customizable, and functional interface for Nagios Core. The primary committers for Nagios V-Shell are Mike Guthrie and Dave Worth. Within just a few months of its initial release in late 2010, Nagios V-Shell has quickly risen in popularity among the Nagios community and become the most popular download on Nagios Exchange.


Nagios BPI

Nagios BPI (Business Process Intelligence) is a new Open Source addon developed by Nagios Enterprises that makes visualizing and monitoring business processes easy. Nagios BPI features a clean interface that utilizes new web technologies and offers users powerful insight into the operational status of high-level business processes and services.


Nagios Core

Nagios Core is the monitoring and alerting engine often referred to (and previously named) "Nagios". The core development team for Nagios Core increased in 2010. Many performance improvements and bug patches were made to Core in 2010. The Nagios Core code was moved from CVS to SVN in 2010. Matthew Wall's Exfoliation theme has been integrated into the latest SVN trunk code and will be the default look and feel for future Nagios Core releases. Additional resources continue to be directed to improving Nagios Core - including improvements in the APIs, performance, and logging capabilities. The scope of Nagios Core is limited to making it a lean, mean monitoring and alerting engine. Additional features that are often requested by users are being spun off to separate projects like Nagios V-Shell, Nagios CCM, Nagios BPI, and Nagios Montage.


Nagios CCM

Nagios CCM (Core Config Manager) is a PHP web configuration frontend for Nagios Core that is currently being developed by Nagios Enterprises. Nagios CCM is based on the same backend used by NagiosQL, but will feature a newly written frontend that will improve on user-friendliness and features.

Nagios Remote Data Processor

NRDP is a lightweight PHP web application that can accept and process passive host and service check results. It was developed as part of Nagios Seedcamp 2010 and is designed to operate as a replacement for (or operate along side) NSCA. NRDP has a plugin architecture which allows you to enhance its capabilities and transfer information other than passive check data.


Nagios XI

Nagios XI is a commercial monitoring solution developed by Nagios Enterprises that includes dashboards, advanced reporting, web-based configuration, auto-discovery, and more. Nagios XI is built on Nagios Core, NRPE, NRDP, NSCA, NDOUtils, PNP, NagiosQL and other OSS components. Nagios XI became generally available in early 2010 and continues to gain popularity with new Nagios users and existing Nagios admins.


Nagios Fusion

Nagios Fusion is a commercial product developed by Nagios Enterprises that provides a centralized view of multiple remote Nagios monitoring servers. Nagios Fusion provides customizable dashboards and integrated authentication with remote monitoring servers.


Nagios Exchange

The Nagios Exchange website is the central repository of Nagios projects of all kinds - including plugins, addons, documentation, and more. The site currently has thousands of categorized projects listed on it. New projects are added every week.


Nagios Training

Nagios Enterprises launched an official training program for Nagios. Current training offerings include live, instructor-led training online and self-paced training videos on the Nagios Library website. Our training curriculum covers Nagios Core, Nagios XI, various Nagios addons, and core monitoring concepts.


Nagios Certification

Nagios Enterprises is currently in the planning phase for launching official a Nagios certification program. We are in discussions with Nagios users, training and certification experts, and partners to determine the best route towards launching a certification program. We hope to have official Nagios certification testing available by the end of 2011.

Nagios Team

The Nagios team is continuously expanding to bring new expertise to the team. Team members work on Open Source projects such as Nagios Core, Nagios V-Shell, Nagios BPI, Nagios Plugins.


Nagios Agents

Nagios Enterprises is currently allocating resources to improve the usability and functionality of Nagios agents for both Windows and *NIX platforms. We are currently working on a configuration frontend for the popular NSClient++ agent, and are working on solutions to improve passive monitoring agents for monitoring remote and mobile devices (e.g. laptops).

Nagios Labs

Nagios Enterprises launched a new Nagios Labs blog in 2010. Nagios Labs is where we talk about new tech projects that we're working on and highlight technical solutions for Nagios.


Nagios Library

The recently launched Nagios Library website contains documentation, tech tips, tutorials, and self-paced training material for Nagios.


Nagios Support Forum

A new official support forum has recently been launched to help the community obtain support and technical assistance from Nagios Enterprises and the greater Naigos community.