The second release candidate for Nagios Core 4.1.0 has been released and is now available for download.

The biggest changes included in this release are complete updates to the 3 graphical displays in the CGIs – Status Map, Histogram, and Trends. Additionally added is the ability to disable service checks for down hosts, and added ability to configure sticky status for acknowledgements and comments.

You are invited to download this release and test it on your non-production systems.

Please report any issues to the Nagios Core development forum or on GitHub.

All three displays (status map, histogram, trends) have the following updates:

  • Use JavaScript libraries so most work is done on the client, reducing load on the server
  • Up-to-date look using D3 visualization library
  • Takes advantage of JSON CGIs
  • All graphs are embeddable using AngularJS custom directives
  • Now supports UTF-8 encoded character set
  • Menu button to display form that can be used to modify options

The status map has the largest number of additional features:

  • Stretchable map container
  • Faster refresh rate (10s)
  • Zoom and pan of the map
  • Collapsable sub-tree by clicking a node
  • Ability to make any node root of the tree by shift-clicking the node
  • New force map display
  • Vertical and horizontal versions of all tree maps
  • User supplied coordinates map now provides 3 modes
    • default: map coordinates equal map container coordinates
    • user: user supplies coordinates of upper left and lower right corners, negative values allowed
    • auto: map calculates coordinates based on minimum and maximum x and y coordinate values

In addition, the trends display now allows for panning and zooming of the graph using the mouse and mouse wheel or track pad gestures.

A list of all enhancements and fixes included in this release is available in the changelog.

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