Other Features

There are some extra features in NCPA that aren't well known. This section aims to go over these features and how to use them.

NRDP Forwarder

The ability to be used as an NRDP forwarder has existed since NCPA 1.x. This is an inherent ability that is currently always enabled. The forwarding capability is why the config option in the [nrdp] section is called parent instead of something like host or url. You must authenticate to the module like you would any other section by passing your token. Example URL for the NRDP forwarder is below:


You would send your NRDP XML directly to this URL just like it is a normal NRDP server. The NRDP module is essentially acting as a proxy; sending the data on to the defined NRDP parent url in your configuration.

Note: You do not need the nrdp handler added to your handlers option in the [passive] config section this module to function. You do, however, have to have a valid NRDP parent and token set.

Testing Connection

NCPA has always had a module to test the connection using the token. Below is an example of the test URL and it's response.


You should get a JSON response if the connection is successful. You will also receive a different response based on if your token is correct.

  "value": "Success."
  "error": "Bad token."