• Nagios Global Community Network

About The Network

The Nagios Community Network (NCN) is a worldwide network of websites that operate for the purposes of Nagios advocacy. Sites promote knowledge-sharing, technical tips, and geographically localized community and support structures.

Participating websites operate under the NCN guidelines and terms.


Community sites

The following sites are part of the official Nagios Community Network. If you would like to operate a community site for your country, please contact us.


Country Website Admins
Brazil nagios-br.com Rodrigo Faria   |   rmfaria@nagios.com
Chile nagios-cl.org Pablo Muñoz   |   pmunoz@nagios.com
Dominican Republic nagios-do.org Luis Contreras   |   lcontreras@nagios.com
Italy nagios-it.org Alberto Lazzarin   |   alazzarin@nagios.com
Panama nagios-pa.org Luis Enrique Bazán De León   |   lbazan@nagios.com
Spain nagios-es.org Paloma Galan   |   pgalan@nagios.com