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Nagios Core 3.x Version History

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3.5.1 - 08/30/2013

  • Added handler for SIGXFSZ signal (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #444: Nagios 3.5.0 problem with macro $ADMINEMAIL$ : @ is converted to %40 after 2 nagios reload (Duplicate of bug #407)
  • Fixed bug #407: Reloading nagios config causes spaces in notifications to become plus signs (Alexey Dvoryanchikov)
  • Fixed bug #445: Adding triggered downtime for child hosts causes a SIGSEGV on restart/reload (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #375: Freshness expiration never reached and bug #427: freshness threshold doesn't work if it is set long (Scott Wilkerson, Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #432: Downtime scheduled as "Nagios Process" and not the Users name
    (Sam Lansing, Eric Stanley)

3.5.0 - 03/15/2013

  • Fixed bug #403: The "configuration" page of the webui doesn't use entity encoding when displaying the "command expansion" item (Eric Stanley, Phil Randal)
  • Fixed bug #424: Nagios Core 3.4.4 seg fault (core dump) on restart after removing config for running service (Eric Stanley)
  • Updated CGI utility functions to support UTF-8 characters (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug where selecting Command Expansion from Configuration CGI page would display commands instead (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #369: status.cgi crashes with segfault when there are german ulauts (äöüß) in the hostname or the servicename (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #418: Scheduled Downtime Notifications Resent On Nagios Restart/reload (Eric Stanley)

3.4.4 - 01/12/2013

  • Reenabled check for newer versions of Nagios Core (Mike Guthrie)
  • Fixed bug #408: service checks get duplicated on reload (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #401: segmentation fault on Solaris when parsing unknown timeperiod directives. (Eric Stanley)
  • Added NULL pointer checks to CGI code. (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed buffer overflow vulnerability in CGI code. Thanks to Neohapsis ( for finding this. (Eric Stanley)

3.4.3 - 11/30/2012

  • Reverted squeue changes intended for Nagios 4
  • Reapplied all patches from 3.4.2 release
  • Applied fix for pagination and sorting on status.cgi #381 (Phil Randal)

3.4.2 - 11/09/2012

  • Fixed issue where deleting a downtime could cause Nagios to crash (Eric Stanley)
  • Corrected logic so that end times for flexible downtimes are calculated from the downtime start rather than the current time in the case where Nagios is restarted (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed issue introduced by fix for bug #124 where flexible downtimes are not taken into account on Nagios restart. (Scott Wilkerson, Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #247: If a service reports no performance data, the perfdata log file has no line indicating the test. (
  • Fixed link for unhandled unreachable host problems on tactical overview page (Rudolf Cejka)
  • Fixed bug #345 with wild card searches not paging properly on status.cgi (Phil Randal)
  • Fixed bug #343 on status.cgi where Service Group Summary can potentially show wrong totals (Mark Ziesemer)
  • Fixed memory leaks on SIGHUP (Carlos Velasco)

3.4.1 - 05/11/2012

  • Double quotes in check_command definition break functionality (#332, reverts #86)

3.4.0 - 05/04/2012

  • Use execv() to execute active check commands (#86 - Ton Voon, dnsmichi)
  • Added service_check_timeout_state configuration variable (Bill McGonigle)
  • Permanently remove sleep on run_event == FALSE in main loop (Max - perldork at
  • Reduce notification load by moving notification viability check into notification list creation (Opsview Team)
  • Added code to apply allow_empty_hostgroup_assignment flag to host and service dependencies (Daniel Wittenberg)
  • Users can now see hostgroups and servicegroups that contain at least one host or service they are authorized for, instead of having to be authorized for them all (Ethan Galstad)
  • RSS feed boxes fallback if an error occurs (Ethan Galstad)
  • RSS feeds no longer block main page load (Mike Guthrie)

  • Fix $NOTIFICATIONRECIPIENTS$ macro to contain all contacts assigned to host|service, not only notified contacts (Bug #98 Matt Harrington)
  • Scheduled Downtime Notifications Resent On Nagios Restart/reload (Bug #124 - ricardo)
  • NOTIFICATIONTYPE MACRO never became CUSTOM (Bug #168 - Alexey Dvoryanchikov)
  • Plugged minor memory leaks in notification logic

3.3.1. - 07/25/2011

  • Added support for same host service dependencies with servicegroups (Mathieu Gagné)
  • Empty hostgroups referenced from services now optionally generate a warning instead of an error.
  • Documentation links now point to online resources
  • Matt Wall's Exfoliation theme is now installed by default. You can reinstall the classic theme with "make install-classicui"
  • Downtime delete commands made "distributable" by deleting by host group name, host name or start time/comment (Opsview team)
  • Allow status.cgi to order by "host urgency" (Jochen Bern)
  • Added news items and quick links to main splash page
  • Added ability to authenticate to CGIs using contactgroup name (Stephen Gran)

  • Fixes status.cgi when called with no parameters, where host should be set to all if none specified (Michael Friedrich)
  • Fixes possible validation error with empty hostgroups/servicegroups (Sven-Göran Bergh)
  • Performance-data handling and checking is now thread-safe so long as embedded perl is not used.
  • Children should no longer hang on mutex locks held in parent for localtime() (and similar) calls.
  • Debug logging is now properly serialized, using soft-locking with a timeout of 150 milliseconds to avoid multiple threads competing for the privilege to write debug info.
  • Fixed extraneous alerts for services when host is down
  • Fixed incorrect parsing of multi-line host check results (Jochen Bern)
  • Fixed bug with passive host checks being incorrectly sent to event brokers as active checks
  • Fixed bug where passive host check status updates were not being propagated to event brokers
  • Reverted 'Fix for retaining host display name and alias, as well as service display name' as configuration information stored incorrectly over a reload
  • Fixed compile warnings for size_t (Michael Friedrich)
  • Fixed problem where acknowledgements were getting reset when a hard state change occurred
  • Removed duplicated unlinks for check result files with multiple results
  • Fixed race condition on flexible downtime commands when duration not set or zero (Michael Friedrich)
  • Fixed flexible downtime on service hard state change doesn't get triggered/activated (Michael Friedrich)
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in config.cgi and statusmap.cgi (Stefan Schurtz)
  • Fixed segfault when sending host notifications (Michael Friedrich)
  • Fixed bug where unauthorized contacts could issue hostgroup and servicegroup commands (Sven Nierlein)

3.2.3 - 10/03/2010

  • Fixes problem where disabling all active hosts/services was not taking effect
  • Fixes for compiler warnings (code cleanup by Stephen Gran)
  • Fixes for format errors in event handler logging (Guillaume Rousse)
  • Fixed incorrect info in sample nagios.cfg file for state_retention_file (Michael Friedrich)
  • Fixed broker_event_handler() to return ERR if data is NULL (Michael Friedrich)

3.2.2 - 09/01/2010

  • Patch to new_mini_epn to allow any command line length without breaking on extra trailing or leading whitespace (Ray Bengen)
  • Patch to mini_epn to allow any command line length (Thomas Guyot-Sionnest)
  • Patch to speed up loading of state retention data (Matthieu Kermagoret)
  • Custom notifications are now suppressed during scheduled downtime (Sven Nierlein)
  • Added code to warn user about exit code of 126 meaning plugin is not executable (bug #153)
  • Scheduled downtime can now start on SOFT error states (bug #47)
  • Main window frame URL can now be specify with a "corewindow=" parameter
  • Improved config CGI shows commands, command args in an easier to use manner (Jochen Bern)
  • Added ability for NEB modules to override execution of event handlers (Sven Nierlein)
  • Custom macros are no longer cleaned/stripped as they are user-defined and should be trusted (Peter Morch)
  • Fix for choosing next valid time on day of DST change when clocks go one hour backwards
  • Fix for nagios now erroring when "Error: Could not find any contactgroup matching..." displayed
  • Fix tap tests for Solaris 10 and newer versions of Test::Harness
  • Fix for notifications not being sent out when scheduled downtime is cancelled (Daniel Pouzzner)
  • Fix for first notification delay being calculated incorrectly, and notifications potentially going out early (Pawel Malachowski)
  • Fix for text of scheduling downtime of all services on a host (Holger Weiss)
  • Fix for services inheriting notification period from hosts if not defined (Gordon Messmer)
  • Fix for incorrect service states on host failures (bug #130 Petya Kohts)
  • Fix for incorrect service state attributes being set on host failures (bug #128 Petya Kohts)
  • Fix for non-scheduled hosts and services not being updated in NDOUtils
  • Fix for typos in TAC, CMD CGIs (bugs #150, #144, #148)
  • Fix for types in documentation (bugs #145, #105, #106)
  • Fix for incorrect host state counts in status CGI when viewing servicegroups (bug #72)
  • Fix for new Splunk integration query parameters (bug #136)
  • Fix for extra field header in availability CSV export (bug #113)
  • Fix for macro processing code modifying input string (Jochen Bern)
  • Fix for update check API
  • Fix for CGI speedup when persistent=0 for comments
  • Fix for event execution loop re-scheduling host checks instead of executing them if service checks are disabled (bug #152)
  • Fix for segfaults on Solaris (Torsten Huebler)
  • Fix for incorrect comment expiration times being passed to event broker (Mattieu Kermagot)
  • Doc updates related to cleaning of custom macros (Peter Valdemar Morch)
  • Fix to sample notify-service-by-email command (bug #62)
  • Fix for retaining host display name and alias, as well as service display name (Folkert van Heusden)

3.2.1 - 03/09/2010

  • Link to allow scheduling downtime for all services on a host (Hendrik Baecker)
  • Speedup to CGIs when lots of comments or downtimes in status.dat file (Jonathan Kamens)
  • Patch for new_mini_epn to allow for any command line length without breaking extra trailing or leading whitespace (Ray Bengen)
  • Fix for incorrect scheduling when time has gone back an hour (partial fix for 24x7)
  • Fix for compile on Fedora Core 3 (bug #0000082)
  • Fix for compile on Solaris
  • Fix for logging test, which was not timezone aware (bug #0000077 - Allan Clark)
  • Trivial cleanups for autoconf (Allan Clark)
  • Fix for CSS validation of padding: X
  • Fix for documentation re: case-insensitive nature of custom variables (Marc Powell)
  • Fix for template configurations which use negated wildcards (Tim Wilde)
  • N/A

3.2.0 - 08/12/2009

  • Fix for read-only permissions bug in CGIs that caused problems viewing comments (bug #000002 9)
  • Fix for incorrect CGI reports (availability, trends, etc.) when reporting period spans Dayli ght Savings Time (bug #0000046)
  • Fix for detection of truecolor support in GD library (Lars Hecking)
  • Reverted to use --datadir configure script option instead of the more recently introduced -- datarootdir option
  • Status and retention files are now flushed/synced to disk to prevent incomplete information being displayed in CGIs
  • Fix for incorrect next service check time calculation when Nagios is reloaded with different timeperiod ranges
  • Updated Fedora quickstart guide to indicate PHP requirements
  • Known issue: Service checks that are defined with timeperiods that contain "exclude" directi ves are incorrectly re-scheduled. Don't use these for now - we'll get this fixed for 3.4

3.1.2 - 06/23/2009

  • Fix for CPU hogging in service and host check scheduling logic

3.1.1 - 06/22/2009

  • New "important check command" flag for use in service templates, to aid configuration in distributed environments
  • Fix for nagios validation error when no services defined
  • Fix for stylesheet link
  • Fix for extinfo.cgi error message when cgi.cfg doesn't exist
  • Fix for notifications.cgi where Update button on right didn't retain host information wh en no host= was in query parameters
  • Fix for potential bug where a contactgroup with no members could cause parsing errors
  • Fix for W3 validation for history.cgi
  • Fix for W3 validation for extinfo.cgi
  • Fix for nagiostats to return non-zero with failures in MRTG mode
  • Added t/ directory for tests. Use make test to run. Requires perl on development server
  • Fix for duplicate event_id attributes in status and retention data
  • Fix for duplicate unlink() during check processing
  • Added missing check period column to host config display (CGI)
  • Fix for embedded Perl initialization under FreeBSD
  • Fix for incorrect re-initialization of mutext after program restart
  • Fix for incorrect weighting in host flap detection logic
  • Added libtap to distribution. Use ./configure --enable-libtap to compile
  • nagios.log permissions are now kept after log rotation
  • Fix for "Max concurrent service checks (X) has been reached" messages - will now push se rvices 5 + random(10) seconds ahead for retry
  • Fix for removing old HTML files for web frontend that are now replaced with PHP equivale nts (index/main/side.html)
  • Fix for incorrect service history link text in CGIs
  • Fix for useless code loop in netutils.c
  • Fix for potential divide by zero in event scheduling code
  • Fix for trailing backslash in plugin output causing memory corruption in CGIs
  • Fix for bug that could affect host/service scheduling during clock time skew or changes to timeperod definitions between restarts
  • Leading whitespace from continuation lines in configuration files is now stripped out
  • Fix for bug where pipe (used by IPC) file descriptors get inherited by child processed ( e.g. event handlers) (bug #0000026)
  • Fix for failure to daemonize - Nagios now bails (bug #0000011)
  • Fix for notifications about flapping starting not processed properly by retention data
  • Patch to add transparency to statusmap icons for truecolor images
  • Patch to add read-only permissions to extinfo CGI
  • Security fix for statuswml.cgi where arbitrary shell injection was possible

3.1.0 - 01/25/2009

  • Added automatic update check functionality - runs once a day to check for new Nagios releases
  • Splash screen on web UI now indicates whether a new update is available (requires that update checks are enabled)
  • Updates to nagiostats utility for faster execution if using external stats file
  • Added a bit more verbosity to config verification
  • Fixed bug in logging event handlers
  • Fix to prevent debug output from being shown when Nagios is compiled with embedded Perl interpreter
  • Fix for CPU hogging issues on OpenBSD
  • Fix to RPM spec file for sample configuration files
  • Fix for bug in time calculation routines that could cause notification, reporting, and check scheduling anomalies
  • Fix for scheduling forced service checks from web interface
  • Minor mods for frameset base for HTML compliance (more fixes coming soon)
  • Fix for bug in handling of hard host and service problem states during restarts that could incorrectly set current check attempt and adversely affect notifications, etc.
  • Fix for bug in timeperiod calculation of year/month rollovers and display of fixed calendar dates in web interface

3.0.6 - 12/01/2008

  • Fix for CGI submission of external commands (writing newlines and submitting service comments)
  • Fix for Apache group membership in RPM spec file
  • Fix for improper notification propagation command processing
  • Better out-of-disk-space error handling when writing retention and status files
  • Disabled adaptive check and eventhandler commands for security reasons
  • Fix for reading output from system commands (event handlers, etc) that have timed out
  • Added wildcard host matching in CGIs
  • Fixes for playing audio alerts in CGIs
  • Fix for incorrect host status links in status CGI when viewing hostgroup summary
  • Added support for x509 cert authentication in the CGIs

3.0.5 - 11/04/2008

  • Security fix for Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) bug reported by Tim Starling.
  • Sample audio files for CGIs removed from distribution
  • Fix for mutliline config file continuation bug
  • Minor fix to RPM spec file
  • Fix for AIX compiler warnings
  • Minor sample config file fix
  • Added documentation on CGI security issues

3.0.4 - 10/15/2008

  • Fix for properly terminating plugins when parent processes get killed (e.g. using 'killall nagios' with check_timeout plugins running )
  • Fix for event broker callback when service notifications are disabled
  • Fix for scheduling scheduling servicegroup downtime with 'hosts too' option in CGIs
  • Fix for segfault under Solaris with NULL plugin output
  • Fixes for bugs in sample event handlers - stop/start active service checks and enable notifications
  • Cosmetic fix for logging of notifications
  • Fix for high CPU utilization under OS X
  • Fix for host/service name encoding in CGIs (trends and availability reports, etc.)

3.0.3 - 06/25/2008

  • Typo fix in object config routines
  • Segfault fix in history CGI
  • Fix for bug in retention of contact notification options
  • Fix for bug in calculation of negative (month) days in timeperiod definitions
  • Fix for debug logging of notifications
  • Fix for encoding host and servicegroup names in trends and availability CGIs
  • Fix for checking for abnormal termination of host checks
  • Fix for spurious orphaned host check errors with non-scheduled hosts
  • Fix for url encoding null string in CGIs (caused status CGI segfault)
  • Fix for encoding URLs in macros
  • Fix for bug in handling of contact groups in escalation definitions
  • Changes to service check event broker logic (DNX patches)
  • Minor doc updates

3.0.2 - 05/19/2008

  • Minor bug fixes in CGIs to ensure extra host/servicegroup url strings are terminated properly
  • Minor bug fix in navigation frame link for unhandled service problems
  • Better error logging during fork() errors
  • Embedded Perl is now disabled by default
  • Fixed bug in parsing host dependencies
  • Added note to Makefile about 'make install-webconf' option
  • Fixed bug in config CGI where active host check attributes were not displayed properly
  • Fixed bug in status CGI where sounds were not played for passive service problems
  • Fixed sample script for distributed monitoring
  • Updated to allow for 4KB lines in Perl plugin output under epn
  • Fixed bug in command for disabling contact notifications
  • Fix for bugs in host and service orphan check logic
  • Fix for 'make install' functionality for contrib directory
  • Fix for host problem links in CGI status summary view
  • Fix for properly escaping macros containing URLs
  • Patches for possible XSS vulnerability in CGIs (CVE-2007-5803) - Florian Weimer & SUSE Linux team

3.0.1 - 04/01/2008

  • Fixed bug in trends CGI with user not being authorized for hosts/services
  • Fixed bug in status CGI with page layout messing up when sounds enabled

3.0 - 03/13/2008

  • Faster program startup times (especially in large installs) with new object lookup code
  • Fix for special contact inheritance rules in host and service escalations
  • Fix for threading-related bugs that resulted in checks failing under NetBSD
  • Configure script fix
  • Fix for bug in processing $CONTACTADDRESSx$ macros
  • Documentation fixes

3.0rc3 - 02/26/2008

  • Fix for passive service check stats bugs in nagiostats
  • Nagios no longer warns or errors when encountering host/contact/service groups with empty memberships
  • Debugging info fix in notification logic
  • Fix for multiline support in config files (again)
  • Fix for stripping illegal chars in output, perfdata macros
  • Patch to allow non-ASCII characters in notifications, etc.
  • Fix for bug in on-demand service macros with blank/null host names
  • Fix for cleaning up zombie child processes if large installation tweaks disabled and fork twice option disabled
  • Fix for incorrect total checks counts in nagiostats
  • Fix for segfault if embedded Perl support compiled in, but disabled by config file option
  • Smarter host check logic to reduce (uncached) on-demand host checks during "stable" service problems
  • Fix for recursive subgroup membership for host/service/contact groups
  • Fix for renaming/moving files on network file systems
  • New flap detection startup logic speedups when large installations tweaks enabled
  • Speed improvements during startup routines when using precached config
  • Speed improvements in reading retention data during startup
  • Safer loading mechanism for NEB modules to prevent segfaults in Nagios
  • Fix for segfault in CGIs when converting object names with extended ASCII characters to URLs

3.0rc2 - 01/29/2008

  • Changed embedded audio MIME types in CGIs to "application/wav"
  • Fixed bug in sample helloworld NEB module
  • Modified to allow for multiline-line output of Perl plugins under embedded Perl interpreter (epn)
  • Fix for incorrect environment variables names for custom host and contact macros
  • Fix for external command file thread polling code
  • Fix for cfg_dir directive not working on Solaris
  • Fixed segfault in extinfo CGI when passed an invalid service description/name
  • Fixed bug in summary CGI with reports on specific hosts
  • Fix for writing check result files under Cygwin
  • Fix for not building sample helloworld.o event broker module if event broker is disabled by configure script
  • Fix to sample event handler scripts
  • Fix for handling plugin output with escaped newlines and backslashes
  • Fix for bug in service and host event scheduling logic
  • Fix for reversed object sort order when using fast startup options
  • Fix for bug with notification commands not being run if notifications were not logged

3.0rc1 - 12/17/2007

  • Fixed bug where status log was left after a restart with faulty config
  • Fix for compilation bug on systems that don't support setenv() (e.g. Solaris)
  • Support for line continuation/breaks in config files - end lines with one backslash (\) to continue on next line
  • Fixed bug with not deleting old check result files that contained results for invalid host/service
  • Fixed bug with init script option to check Nagios config
  • Auto-filled comment/author fields for acknowledging problems through WAP interface
  • Fixed bug with processing of CONTACTGROUPNAMES, NOTES, NOTESURL, and ACTIONURL macros
  • Doc fix regarding soft state dependencies
  • Fix for segfault in event broker module code

3.0b7 - 11/23/2007

  • Memory leak fix in macro code
  • Added use_timezone option to allow Nagios instances to run in non-native timezones
  • Fix for encoding HTML characters in CGIs
  • Fixes for memory leaks with passive check, performance data routines
  • Makefile fixes
  • Code cleanup, fixes for compiler warnings
  • Fix to prevent FLAPPINGSTART notifications from incorrectly being resent after program restarts
  • Added free_child_process_memory and child_processes_fork_twice options for performance tweaks
  • Fix for bug in processing of on-demand service macros

3.0b6 - 10/31/2007

  • Logging API revamp, cleanup
  • Misc internal performance improvements
  • Bug fix with attempting to access an uninitalized mutex if external commands are disabled
  • Updates to .cvsignore files
  • Fix for embedded Perl interpreter to recache scripts when they're modified
  • Fix for cancelling inheritance with 'null' in various object directives
  • Additional functionality of additive inheritance feature
  • Fixed bug where missing host/servicegroups in object definitions didn't always generate errors
  • Increased max plugin output length cap from 4kb to 8kb
  • Caching of Perl scripts now enabled by default if embedded Perl interpreter is compiled in
  • Fix for segfault when contact definitions had no notification timeperiods defined
  • Retention of host/service check scheduling options
  • Fix for race condition when freshening host and service check results
  • Added null -b option to install-sh for Solaris so install scripts don't break
  • Added .gitignore files for git users
  • Added new external commands to change notification period for host, services, and contact on-the-fly
  • Added new external commands to change modified object attributes (affecting data retention logic)
  • Added $ISVALIDTIME:$ and $NEXTVALIDTIME:$ on-demand macros
  • Added enable_environment_macros option to determine whether or not macros are set as environment vars
  • Major overhaul (read: complete rewrite) of macro code, so macros are now only computed when found
  • Summary macros are now available as regular (non-environment) macros if requested when large installation tweaks are enabled
  • Bug fix for scheduling hostgroup host downtime through web interface
  • Better error logging when failing to rename/move files
  • Addition of object pointers to event broker module data structures (may require event broker module rebuilds)
  • Spec file changes to better support RPM builds on 64-bit systems
  • Possible fix for Unicode html encoding errors in CGIs

3.0b5 - 10/08/2007

  • Minor bug fix in CSS files
  • Bug fix in sample config files
  • Fix for recovery notifications not being sent out when first_notification_delay option used in host/service definitions
  • Fix for ochp commands not running properly
  • Special additive inheritance rule: escalation contact(group)(s) that begin with '+' will now inherit from associated host/service definition if not inheriting from another escalation template
  • Status file is no longer deleted during restarts due to a SIGHUP or external command
  • Improvement in service flap detection logic
  • Added additional_freshness_latency config file directive
  • Improvements in freshness check logic
  • Temporarily removed $SERVICEGROUPMEMBERS$ macro, as it was causing crashes for some users (this need further investigation)
  • Added $EVENTSTARTTIME$ macro to indicate time Nagios started processing events (checks, etc.)
  • Added use_pending_states option to CGI config file to determine displayed state of hosts/services that have not been checked
  • Workaround to prevent browsers from incorrectly using cached statusmap image on page refresh
  • Fix for incorrect latency calculations for passive host/service checks
  • Added passive check latency stats to nagiostats
  • Added support for relative paths in config_file and config_dir directives
  • Fix for compile error under Solaris

3.0b4 - 09/27/2007

  • Removed host/service downtime author/comment macros introduced in 3.0b2 in favor of more generic $NOTIFICATION...$ macros
  • Fix for segfault when cancelling active scheduled host downtime
  • Macro code cleanup
  • Added on-demand contact and contactgroup macro support
  • More complete (but still partial) support for macros in CGIs ($xNOTES$, $xNOTESURL$, and $xACTIONURL$ macros)
  • Fixed bug in config CGI with displaying incorrect notification interval for escalations
  • Added new 'check' option to init script to verify configuration
  • Added custom host and service notifications, with option to force the notifications and broadcast them to all contacts
  • Fix for on-demand/cached host check statistics
  • Fixed bug where null host check command would cause high CPU utilization
  • Alias, if not specified, now defaults to object name in host, hostgroup, servicegroup, contact, and contactgroup definitions
  • Fixed bug with excluding hosts, services, and contacts with bang (!) in object definitions
  • Fixed bug in nagiostats with NULL mrtg data arguments printing bogus string
  • Added custom delimiter option in nagiostats output (useful for CSV output)

3.0b3 - 08/30/2007

  • Minor bug fix for debug logging of macros
  • Version number is now printed in CGI pages
  • HTML documentation cleanup (HTML Tidy, link checking, etc.)
  • Fixed bug where notifications would not be sent out host/service contact group members

3.0b2 - 08/29/2007

  • Fix for some sample config files getting installed with .sample extension
  • Improvements to the host check logic performance (more use of cached and parallel checks)
  • Minor bug fix with notification timeout error messages
  • Fix bug with logging of passive host and service check results
  • Fixed bug with warning about no contactgroups being defined
  • Internal data structure cleanups
  • Added 'lock_author_names' option to CGI config file to prevent alteration of author names when submitting comments, scheduled downtime, etc.
  • Fix for concatentation of multiline plugin perfdata
  • Added status CGI host/service property filters for hard and soft states

3.0b1 - 07/31/2007

  • Fixed bug with processing epn directives in Perl plugins
  • Fixed bug with check_result_path config option being ignored
  • Fixed bug with incorrect output returned from embedded Perl plugins
  • Fixed bug where status data file was not read by CGIs using mmap()
  • Fix for CGI segfault
  • Program status now updated at least every 5 seconds for addons that watch NDOUtils DB
  • Added escape_html_tags option to CGI config file to escape HTML tags in plugin output
  • Added optional integration with Splunk into the CGIs
  • Added new action and notes URL target frame options to CGI config file
  • Added new 'exclude' option to timeperiod definitions for easy on-call rotation definitions

3.0a5 - 06/19/2007

  • Fixed problem with multiline long plugin output and Perl plugin output
  • Fixed compilation problem with embedded Perl
  • More debug/trace log functionality
  • Added new 'passive_host_checks_are_soft' config option
  • Fixed bug with host notifications occurring during soft host states
  • Fixed bug in processing multiple check results contained in a single file
  • Expanded timeperiod definitions to allow for day/date exceptions
  • Changes to sample config files and installation location
  • Changed debug file format to include current pid
  • Added 'initial_state' option to host and service definitions to allow for non-UP/OK initial states
  • Minor changes to freshness threshold calculation
  • Documentation updates

3.0a4 - 05/08/2007

  • Fix for segfault fix when low priority event queue's only item is removed
  • Added test for writeability of temp directory during configuration test
  • Fix for unescaping backslashes in plugin output in the CGIs
  • Removed check_result_buffer_slots option from main configuration file
  • New IPC method for passing host/service check results back to main daemon
  • Added check_result_path option to set path used to store check results
  • Added max_check_result_file_age option to control processing of check results in older files
  • Added new --with-temp-dir option to configure script
  • Removed legacy 2.x host check logic and use_old_host_check_logic option
  • Removed DEBUGx options from configure script
  • Added new debug/trace log functionaltiy (only partially complete)
  • Fixed compilation error under OSX
  • Fix for SIGTERMs being seen as SIGEXITs, non-logging of SIGTERMs/shutdowns

3.0a3 - 04/10/2007

  • Configure script fix for no mail program found/installed on system
  • Fix for compilation warnings about implicit declaration of round() - may (strangely enough) also fix segfaults that were occuring on some systems
  • Added detection of Apache conf.d directory and 'make install-webconf' functionality
  • Configure script option bug fixes for cygwin and embedded perl
  • Added buffer stats and check statistics to performance information in extinfo CGI
  • Hostgroup and servicegroup definitions now have notes, notes_url, and action_url directives
  • Patch for incorrect time down percentage in availability CGI
  • Command definitions and host/service plugin perfdata with HTML should now be escaped in CGIs
  • Updated init script to fix a race condition during restarts
  • Documentation updates

3.0a2 - 03/27/2007

  • Added warning about aggregate_status_updates directive being deprecated.
  • Added new "p" option to host/service_perfdata_file_mode directives for pipes.
  • Fix for incorrect performance data file write/append mode options
  • Regular expression matching in object config files now also triggered by '+' and '\.'
  • Added support for extended regular expression matching in object config files
  • Fix for incorrect processing of y_2d coordinates for host objects in statusmap layout
  • Fix for current status of hosts with no check command defined
  • SIGSEGV signals should now be logged again (broken in 3.0a1)
  • Added warning for invalid temp_path directory
  • Documentation bug fixes and updates

3.0a1 - 03/06/2007

  • Too many changes since Nagios 2.x to list here - read the What's New section of the documentation for more information.